The Institution of Engineers (India)


Step -by-Step process for Online Application for PE and Intl-PE Certification.
1. "Go to the  . This link is available on the home page."
2. The landing page shows two areas one for Registered Users/Forgot Password and another for creating a new User Account/Need Help.
a. Registered users may enter their email id and password to continue using the site. The Forgot Password option may also be used if you have forgotten the password and wish to receive it on your registered email id. This option will take the user to page where the applicant will have to enter his./her email id and mobile number to create a new password.
b. A new user may enter his./her email id and mobile number to create a new OTP and use the OTP to go to page and create a new password. Then a new User Account will be created for making an application. The Need Help option may also be used if you have any doubt regarding the entire fillup process.
3. In the case of 2b above a new user will be registered as a Registered User and will receive an email giving the user id and password.
4. After logging in as a Registered User, the Applicant needs to fill up all the details. The details that are Mandatory, are marked using (*) sign. The user may use the Next and Prev. button to switch between various pages. The very first page that the user will see, is a multi-stage screen. The following information needs to be entered before proceeding:
a. Application for PE or International PE. International PE has more stringent requirements than PE. Please read the brochures to decide which type of application you wish to make.
b. New Application or Renewal. Renewals can only be made by existing PE or International PE Members. This application is to be made when less than 6 months due from the expiry of the previous certificate.
5. After indicating the information required in item 4 above please proceed with the application which consists of the stages listed below. After each page the next button is to be clicked which causes the data recorded to be saved as draft. The application will only be uploaded when all the information has been completed and confirmed by the applicant after completing all uploads on the upload page. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN NOT EDIT ONCE YOU HAVE FINALLY SUBMITTED AND MADE PAYMENT. All pages can be edited until payment has been made.
a. Basic Information
Fill Up Personal Details like Name, Guardian's name, Address, Date of Birth, Nationality etc.
b. Qualifications
Fill up the Academic Qualifications along with further qualifications if any. A copy of the last three qualifications will have to be uploaded on the upload page. Please keep these handy.
c. Experience
Fill up the experiences the candidate has. Enter the details of the books written by the applicant (if any). Also mention the contributions made by the applicant in emergency situations.
d. Discipline
Mention the Engineering Discipline and the specialisations of the candidate along with exam centre name and also mention Name & Category of membership of related engineering professional institution(s) along with membership no.
e. CPD Report
Record of your Continuous Professional Development is to be recorded on this page.
f. Declaration:
This is a self appraisal form. You are to record the information requested.
g. Nomination (for International PE only)
You are to print this form/or save as PDF while printing and provide it to the nominee. You are to get nominated by 2 nominees by taking their signature on this form. The form after signing is to be sent by you to IEI. You may email a copy of this form to
h. Confidential Report (for International PE only)
You are to download this form and provide it to the persons nominating you. The nominator will sign this report and send it directly to IEI. Please prepare the envelope and provide it to the nominators. The nominators may email a copy of this form direct to
i. Declaration
You are to download this form and upload after signing.
j. Upload
7 upload buttons have been provided. 5 for documents, 1 for a photograph of the candidate and 1 for the declaration. At least 1 document(qualification) along with photograph and declaration are mandatory for the application to be considered as complete.
Upload the Certificates from Upload Documents which the candidate has indicated in the form. Format: *.pdf Maximum Size: 2MB
Upload the Image of the Candidate with Minimum Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels and Maximum Resolution: 480 x 640 pixels . Format: *.jpg / *.jpeg.
Upload the Declaration form from Upload Declaration by clicking on the upload button. Format: *.pdf Maximum Size: 2MB
Submit the application by clicking the submit button. The Applicant can Un-submit the form as well by clicking the same button if he/she wants to make any changes. But Once the payment has been made, the details cannot be changed or modified anymore !
k. Payment
By clicking the Make Payment button after submitting the application.
Payment Page will be open and just clicking the pay button to pay the amount.
6. Once payment has been made no edits will be permitted but the candidate will be able to see the status of his/her application by logging in.